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Non-Strategic Nuclear Weapons 

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This new FAS Special Report comes three weeks before 28 NATO member countries convene in Chicago on May 20-21 to approve the conclusions of a year-long Deterrence and Defense Posture Review (DDPR). Among other issues, the review will determine the number and role of the U.S. non-strategic nuclear weapons deployed in Europe and how NATO might work to reduce its nuclear posture as well as Russia's inventory of such weapons in the future.

Lack of transparency fuels mistrust and worst-case assumptions and the concerns some eastern NATO countries have about Russia have been used to prevent a withdrawal of the remaining U.S. nuclear weapons from Europe. The DDPR is expected to endorse the current deployment in Europe.

The report concludes that non-strategic nuclear weapons are neither the reason nor the solution for Europe's security issues today but that lack of political leadership has allowed bureaucrats to give these weapons a legitimacy they don't possess and shouldn't have.



Hans M. Kristensen, Director, Nuclear Information Project, Federation of American Scientists


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The Report:

Non-Strategic Nuclear Weapons 

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2012 May 2: 10:00 am  Breakfast Briefing for reporters at the Federation of American Scientists

2012 May 3: 2:00 pm Briefing on Capitol Hill -

Russell Senate Office Building
Room 385
Constitution Avenue and 1st Street, N.W.
Washington, DC

Hans M. Kristensen
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