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Ensuring America's Space Security 

space_reportIn August 2004, an FAS panel reviewed eight threats to US space assets and examined alternatives to weaponization and recommended future policies in a highly-praised report.

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Space Panel Report 1: Front Matter
Forward and Table of Contents
Space Panel Report 2: Executive Summary
Executive Summary
Space Panel Report 3: Background of the Debate
Background of the debate over weaponizing space
Space Panel Report 4: Historic Growth of Space Activities
Historic Growth of Space Activities
Space Panel Report 5: US Space Systems: Vulnerabilities and Threats
US Space Systems: Vulnerabilities and Threats
Space Panel Report 6: Protecting US Systems
Protecting US Systems
Space Panel Report 7: Endnotes
Space Panel Report 8: Glossary
Space Panel Report 9: Appendix 1: Panel Biographies
Appendix 1: Panel Biographies
Space Panel Report 10: Appendix A: Issues in Space
Appendix A: Issues in Space, by Dr. Daniel Hastings
Space Panel Report 11: Appendix B: Anti-Satellite Weapons
Appendix B: Anti-Satellite Weapons, by Geoffrey Forden
Space Panel Report 12: Appendix C: Threats from HANE
Appendix C: Threats to US Space Assets from High Altitude Nuclear Explosions, by Dennis Papadopoulos
Space Panel Report 13: Appendix D: GPS Loss
Appendix D: Sensitivity of GPS Coverage to Loss of One or More Satellites, by Geoffrey Forden
Space Panel Report 14: Appendix E: Orbital Debris
Appendix E: Orbital Debris Effects from Space-Based Ballistic Missile Interception, by John L. Remo
Space Panel Report 15: Appendix F: Adversary Capability: China
CAPABILITIES OF POTENTIAL ADVERSARIES China's ASAT capabilities As a potential response to US missile defense and "space control" plans, by Hui Zhang
Space Panel Report 16: Appendix F: Adversary Capability: Other Nations
Russian Military Space Capabilities and the Capabilities of North Korean Ballistic Missiles by Pavel Podvig and David Wright
Space Panel Report 17: Appendix G: Comment on APS Report
Commentary on the APS Report on Boost-Phase Missile Defense, by John L. Remo