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Summer 2012 

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PIR: Volume 65 No 1

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President's Message: Making the Case for Nuclear Power in the
United States

Duly Noted: Laser Isotope Separation (LIS)

FAS Matters: News and Notes from FAS Headquarters 

Feature Articles:

Multilateral Cyber Security Solutions: Contemporary Realities 
By A. M. Rutkowski, W.A. Foster, and S. E. Goodman at the Georgia Institute of Technology. 

Debugging America’s Cyber Policy 
By Libby Osher, Security Scholar at the Federation of American Scientists.  

Digital Détente: Designing a Strategic Response to Cyber Espionage
By Paul Cornish of the University of Bath.

Social Motivations in a Cyber World

By Clair Strom, Federation of American Scientists, and Monica Amarelo, Managing Editor, Federation of American Scientists.


Research Report:

Nuclear Power Safety: Lessons Learned from Three Mile Island and the Fukushima Reactor Accidents
By Alexander DeVolpi, nuclear physicist, retired from Argonne National Laboratory.